Getting started

With our GraphQL API

Toggle features a GraphQL API. This opens up many possibilities for developers to extend and integrate with us.

Our GraphQL Endpoint is:

New to GraphQL?

The GraphQL data query language is:

  • A specification. The spec determines the validity of the schema on the API server. The schema determines the validity of client calls.

  • Strongly typed. The schema defines an API’s type system and all object relationships.

  • Introspective. A client can query the schema for details about the schema.

  • Hierarchical. The shape of a GraphQL call mirrors the shape of the JSON data it returns. Nested fields let you query for and receive only the data you specify in a single round trip.

  • An application layer. GraphQL is not a storage model or a database query language. The graph refers to graph structures defined in the schema, where nodes define objects and edges define relationships between objects. The API traverses and returns application data based on the schema definitions, independent of how the data is stored.

For more information about GraphQL, refer to the documentation provided on the official GraphQL website.

Can I use GraphQL with in my current technology stack?

GraphQL is widely supported, and there are several server libraries available to help you get started.

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