Configuration variables

Your application will need to keep a configuration of variables to use for each distinct Toggle account (e.g. for each of our mutual shared customers/clients).

These are summarised below.




For POS integrations, use 3 as the sales_channel_id when creating orders – this is a permanent ID used across all accounts for in-store transactions.


Used when creating orders, for in-venue physical card orders, this can always be configured as 3 (In-venue)

If you issue digital cards from your application, this would be 1 (Email)


Default to 1 (£ sterling), but leave this as something that can be configured as well, this will ensure the integration is future-proofed to handle other currency IDs in future.


account_id will be manually configured, and will be provided during onboarding of a new mutual customer. Email to request an account_id.


This identifies you as an an approved merchant on our platform. Email to request this.


This refers to the unique till ID, passed to Toggle so it knows the location where the transaction was made. This needs to be matched with the configured EPOS references in each Toggle customer's account. See here for more information.


This refers to the unique reference created by the till when the transaction is made. You will generate and pass this to our API when handling transactions.

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