If you are an EPOS or Ordering / Pay at Table partner looking to integrate Toggle into your platform, this guide will help sign-post the things you'll likely want to support within our application.

Gift card redemptions

The first thing you need to accommodate is allowing guest to redeem their Toggle gift card. This could be in one of several scenarios, depending on your particular ecosystem.

For EPOS...

  • A physical gift card that card that can be scanned (QR code), swiped (Mag stripe) or manually keyed in

  • A digital gift card that can be scanned (QR code) or manually keyed in

Take a look at some of our EPOS partners' integrations for inspiration:

For Ordering / Pay at Table apps...

  • A physical gift card can be scanned in using a device camera (QR code) or manually keyed in

  • A digital card can be manually keyed in, or scanned (from another device) or potentially (if your app allows deep linking), a call-to-action from the digital gift into your app with the gift code passed via a URL parameter.

Take a look at some of our Ordering partners' integrations for inspiration:

Redemption flow

In all cases, your application should check the card has sufficient balance, allow a full or partial redemption, and apply the gift card payment to the customer's basket.

If a customer payment/checkout is subsequently cancelled, you should also reverse the gift card redemption (effectively putting the balance back onto the gift card).

Tender vs Discount

The API response we send back after a redemption will tell you whether to treat it as a discount (money-off, reducing sales tax/VAT) or as tender (treat the same as cash). In some cases, a redemption could be a mixture of discount and tender. We go into this in more detail in subsequent pages in this guide.

Gift card purchases

For EPOS partners, you should also accommodate guests who wish to purchase a gift card while they are on-site. Ordering partners may also wish to consider allowing a guest to purchase a gift as part your app.

Physical cards via EPOS

The most common scenario is for a site to have a stock of unloaded physical gift cards, pre-printed and/or encoded with gift card numbers. These will have been pre-ordered with help from our Customer Success team and shipped out to sites.

To sell a card, you should the POS user an option to sell a gift card, take payment as normal, and then attach a gift card number from the unsold stock (by swiping, scanning or keying in the number), before sending the order up to the Toggle API to load the desired balance onto the card.

Additionally, if a customer wants to buy a gift card while they are on site, staff members should be able to sell a gift card through your POS.

Digital cards

For EPOS and Ordering apps, you could also allow the selling of a digital card. In this scenario, you would take payment from a guest as normal, then make an API request to Toggle to create and load a gift card, optionally sending a copy of the gift digitally to the guests email address.

Till receipt cards

Some partners also allow the selling / issuing of a gift on the till receipt. This is essentially the same as a digital card, though you would include a copy of the gift card number returned on a printed till receipt.


In all cases, you should allow for the operator of the POS or the customer to subsequently cancel / undo the order. You should reverse the transaction via our API, effectively voiding the card balance load.

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